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The Reviewer
By day, I earn my living in a university library working on a peculiar variety of tasks. Let me tell ya, library work is not at all what you might expect. In my spare time, I put my degree in literary studies to some use by reading and reviewing books. When I get particularly ambitious, I even try my hand at writing them.

Review Policy
Special Announcement: 
At this time, due to a full schedule, I'm not accepting requests for books published before May 2013. Once I get a handle on my TBR list, I will open things back up to all submissions. Thank you for your understanding. ~ Fia

Have a book you would like me to review? Send me an email at strangebedfellows AT ymail DOT com. Requests will be considered as my schedule allows (but I'm almost always inclined to say yes). Indie and self-published books are welcome if thoroughly edited beforehand.

I neither seek nor will accept any kind of monetary compensation for my reviews, but complimentary copies are greatly appreciated. Both print and digital formats are fine.

I will only post reviews of books that pertain to paranormal romance, fantastical romance, or other speculative fiction genres with romantic themes. Nonfiction books that relate to any of the above -- such as reference books about fairies, magic, or what have you -- will also be considered.

In addition to my blog, I post reviews on Amazon, LibraryThing, Goodreads, Twitter, Powell's Books, Shelfari, and occasional others. If there is a specific website where you would like a review posted, just ask.

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