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Thought Jot: Moderation

I'm thinking about moderation...

So, I earn my living by working at a university library, which in itself can be a great source of blog material. Anyhow, there are numerous benefits to the job: access to plenty of reading material, unbeatable work atmosphere, companionship with like-minded people... and snow days.

When I finished school, I would have thought the times of sanctioned slacker-days were behind me. But here I am, cuddled up with a Snuggie and eggnog-laced coffee, poking about the Internet instead of being a contributing member of society. And it's wonderful.

Still, one mustn't get carried away by the mood. I trolled through the Goodreads giveaway pages, declaring my interest far and wide. Caught myself up on the latest and greatest from LibraryThing. Started to sift through the NetGalley offerings. Fortunately, a bit of sanity clicked in. Just yesterday I received four new books to read and review. I'm expecting another in the mail. I have a stack of clearance sale jewels waiting, untouched, on my desk. And I still haven't started in on KMM's Iced, if you can believe it, even though it's just been sitting there in the other room for weeks, calling to me. 

Moderation in all things, it's said. By whom, exactly, I couldn't tell you, but I'm sure someone said it at least once. So instead of overcommitting myself to a deluge of book reviews, I think I'll go have some more eggnog and gorge myself on a good book.

There. Moderation exercised.

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