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Once Upon A Ghost

Once Upon a Ghost by Day Leclaire

ePublishing Works!, 2012
Now and then, even I seek out something lighter and happier than my usual fare of impending world doom, violence-inclined alpha males, and weighty mythologies. I tend to have several "variety" books tucked away, sometimes for months or even years before I get around to reading them. Fortunately, Once Upon a Ghost was another gem from one of my Kindle download binges, so it was waiting and ready for me when I decided I'd enjoy some easy reading before the end of the day. I was looking for something sweet and simple, and I definitely found it.  

Once Upon A Ghost is about ghosts -- obviously -- and love -- unsurprisingly -- but it's fundamentally about being true to oneself. Leading us through this are two fabulous characters and their quirky actions.

Zack Kingston is a renowned and ardent ghost debunker. His mission to expose frauds and cons has driven him for years, to the point that he is both famous and successful. But you wouldn't exactly say he's happy with his life. Still, he's a determined man, and his latest crusade has him particularly wound up.

Rachel Avery is a woman with a plan. She has to be -- her family's legacy, her grandmother's house, her own future... it's all on the line, and she's banking on the reputation of the local ghost to pull herself and her loved ones out of trouble. But the arrival of Zach Kingston seriously jeopardizes her plans. He's out to prove there is no ghost, and that Rachel is a scam artist. To worsen the situation, Rachel can't stop her strong reaction to Zach, even if he thinks she's a liar.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It was cute and humorous with an unexpectedly endearing quality to it. I will warn readers, though, that there were some drawbacks. Rachel tended to come across as ditzy and farcical, albeit charming. Very I Love Lucy, if you will. Still, she grows on you. There's a tragic and wounded quality to her that adds depth and appeal, like a hot house flower in a snowstorm. She's determined to be bright and colorful though the world is against her. Taken on her own, she might be a little too much to take, but her connections to the other characters lend severity and balance when needed. And the interactions between her and Zach are very lively and entertaining.

Another pro to this book is the unexpectedly beautiful language. It's not always a quality you expect of or find from romance novels, but  Day Leclaire's writing is both skillful and stylish. I went in reading a fluff novel for some mindless entertainment and ended up immersed in a beautiful love story. 

I actually got quite wrapped up in this book despite my initial attitude. I was totally crying towards the end, and it was great. If you're looking for some sweet romance, this is a book you'll want to try. 

Once Upon a Ghost is the first book of Leclaire's Wacky Women series. The first three books are currently available, with two more on their way.

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