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Review of Misty

Extasy Books
 M. Garnet
 Blood Sisters #1

 available now from Extasy Books and Amazon.com

"I don’t have a sister—I was an orphan. I don’t believe in Vampires. They are myths that make interesting movies."

Say this three times, and three women find out that what they have believed in all their lives is wrong. They do have sisters, and there are Vampires.

Among the Vampires are those who just want their blood, because it is better than normal mortal blood. But there is also a special connection for each sister with three male Vampires who want more than just blood.

To be frank, M. Garnet's writing style did not appeal to me.

The narrative style was remote and omniscient -- like reading a screenplay, which I'm not a fan of. As the reader, I spent much of the story floating above the characters, looking on, rather then getting into their heads. This made it difficult to really connect with the characters and the action. In the past, I've likened this style to watching a movie on mute -- sure, you can follow along with the story, but you can't really feel it.

What was really problematic for me, though, was the overall wordiness. Granted, they're really good words, but there was just too many of them. For example, the first few pages were overloaded with descriptions. Descriptions are nice, but the author exerted too much control over the imagery by providing every little detail. As I read the book, I chafed at the constriction. Especially since the choppy, staccato rhythm of the story was further bogged down by details that weren't strictly pertinent.

Available Feb 13, 2013
The writing loosened up a bit as the story found momentum, especially once some real dialogue began to show up. By the halfway point I was into it, but there were still some rough patches.

I hate to be all bad news, and there were things I liked about the book. Like the sex appeal, for one. Garnet did a lovely job of building up the tension and keeping it hot throughout the book. And Rad was a well-constructed character, one that really carried the story as far as I'm concerned. He totally has the BAMF thing going on, and that's always a good thing in my book.

So my ultimate opinion is that this book has good "bones" but needs polishing. It was intriguing enough that I'm curious about the second book, Minty, which comes out this February. But, please, more editing would be lovely.

This book was received courtesy of NetGalley and Extasy Books in exchange for an honest review.

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